Scripture Passages for Upcoming Lessons (Explore the Bible Series) UPDATED Fall 2016

To see the next year’s studies click here: 2016-2017-Study-Plan

December 18 Joshua 6:12-25 Conquest

December 25 No Sunday School

January 1 No Sunday School

January 8 Joshua 24:14-28 Challenged

January 15 Proverbs 24:10-12; Mark 10:46-49 Value All

January 22 Judges 2:11-19 Rebellion’s Cycle

January 29 Judges 4:4-10,12-16 Willing Servants

February 5 Judges 6:11-16,25-32 Timid Warrior

February 12 Judges 16:4-6,13-20 Compromised Potential

February 19 Ruth 1:6-18 Faith Through Trials

February 26 Ruth 3:8-13;4:13-17 Redeemed and Secure


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